Arisaig has very warm water compared with other beaches in Nova Scotia.  Arisaig Harbor, which houses 23 inshore fishing vessels, is adjacent to a huge sandbar, much to the delight of beach enthusiasts.  The beach is shallow , and on the busiest day is never over-crowded.  This is a true marvel that provides a magical natural playground that makes this beach the safest ocean setting a family could ever ask for. And the water is the warmest on the Atlantic coast north of North Carolina, so they say.

Planning for fun on the sandbar today?  Check out the tides – Lowest tides give the biggest sandbar!

Walk along the beach to the rocky cliffs of Arisaig Provincial Park and the Waterfall!   But don’t be stranded at HIGH TIDE!!!

Check the Tides:

       Kids love playing on the sandbar!



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